What If You Could Look Amazing, Feel Great AND Love What You Eat?
Become A Happy Healthy Homo NOW!
Do you wake up in the morning and DREAD looking in the mirror?

Do you want to be confident and feel amazing when you look at your body?

Waking up with energy, feeling fit and healthy, hearing your friends and family give you compliments, it's an amazing feeling and will literally change EVERYTHING in your life.

But only if you know how to do it, right? How to get to your ideal weight without missing meals, giving up EVERYTHING that tastes nice or living on shakes?

In the Happy Healthy Homo program, I give you everything you need to get to your dream weight. Whether it's 2kg or 20kg, the only thing you need to do is find the courage to take a chance for a better way of living. 

Imagine fitting into your old faves, putting on jeans and thinking “yeah, they look good”, instead of crying, throwing them on the floor and grabbing the “comfy” pair.

Not being happy is shit. Time to change!

But you're scared because every other diet has been BORE TO THE RING? and you can't have this and can't have that? 

Worried you'll "try again and fail"? If that's the reason.. You need the Happy Healthy Homo program. You can't fail this. The ONLY thing you have to do is GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY and stop bullshitting yourself.

What are you waiting for?
ONLY $970
or $97 Per Week
I'm the founder of PinkFitz and I've been exactly where you are right now.

I can’t tell you how many programs, ebooks and promises I have purchased online to try and solve my misery. I’ve spent hundreds on ebooks and programs to fix the chronic constipation and bloating I suffered daily. I’ve spent hours working out strategies to combat anxiety and self talk. I paid thousands for a spiritual retreat, just to try and work out why I was so unhappy. Turns out it was my taste in women ;)

In all seriousness though, I get it.

You scroll through the pages waiting for someone to speak your language, to tell you it’s going to be ok, you write down the next “7 hot weight loss tips” article you read or 20 min fat blasting workout. Let’s be honest though, you’ve given up. You don’t want to be sold another scam, fad and empty promise. To be in a worse situation- fat, sick and ripped off.

I’ve been there.

You should see all my free steak knives.

I’ve read all the programs for you and tried most of them.

I’ve read how some PT’s think you have time to food prep for hours on end, just pottering in the kitchen on one of those oh so common lazy days you have right? Pft! I get it.
I understand that it isn’t as easy as just throwing on your active wear ever so comfortably, walking confidently into a gym with all those glaring mirrors and jump on a machine. Let alone knowing EXACTLY what to do and what does what. Does this even work?

Of course you would have complete hair and make up too. No one wants that crap!

I get it! You have a life and you just want to be happy, fulfilled and confident! You want to be able to wear funky clothes not hide behind clothes 3 times to big. You’ve HAD IT!

I can help.

Well, you can thank the god above that finally you have stumbled across your very own Healthy Homo who has lived in track pants, has failed at cooking, has stumbled out of bars and has also been fat, sick and nearly dead.

You can thank the stars that that very Healthy Homo, got her act together, read the programs, tried way too many, invested in course after course after course and is now RIGHT HERE in front of you, cutting out the crap and the twats and giving you everything she’s got. Dyke drama free! 


Phew. That was a lot to get out in one mouthful.

But, now that you can see I get it.

We may as well get down to business.

We need to get you happy, healthy, confident and energised! Plus, feeling sexy wouldn’t go astray! 

Let’s be real, we all want to look good naked. Right?
  • Be Confident!
  • Be Toned!
  • Be Fit and Healthy!
  • Be HAPPY! With a bounce in your step!
  • Think about YOU!
  • Feel absolutely amazing!
  • Look amazing in jeans!
  • Embrace adventures!
  • Hear mutual friends comment on how good you look these days!
  • And more!
Are you ready for your Happy Healthy Homo transformation?
"For those of you sitting on the fence, it’s time to jump! Kate runs a wonderful program that really delivers on her guarantee 👍🏻 

I have hit 10 weeks with pride after doing mainly treadmill due to a back injury but succeeding beyond what I thought I was capable of. I received all the mindset advice, delicious food and tips, constant support from not only Kate Fitz but everyone in the VIP family. ❤️ 

You will achieve if you believe. Even if it’s baby steps like I make, the results are proof. It is the most eye opening, exhilarating, self motivating, proud promoting experience. A turning point. For those of you that suffer from ills, wether physical or mental, it really can be the strength and support you need. I know because it was for me. Thank you Kate You're GREAT" 

- Jodie Birdy Bird
  • TOTAL body shape change and ABSOLUTE influx in energy
  • HIGH levels of confidence and COMPLETE mindset reshape
  • Achieving a FLATTER stomach, TONED arms and legs AND LESS bloat
  • Implementing healthy habits
  • The skills to cook delicious food, EASILY!
  • Fun, Joy and HAPPINESS you have been missing
  • Fad diets or shake diets
  • Starving yourself
  • Thrashing yourself
  • Ego
  • Idiots
Every tasty meal planned and with extra options for you
Over 100 recipes at your finger tips, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and more! You name it we've covered it (and you don't even have to love cooking!). Plus you'll get access to our Nutrition Portal where you can build and create your own meal plans with over 1,300 menu choices!
Exercises to suit YOUR lifestyle & YOUR level
You get clear and simple exercise program to work out your schedule and your time restraints! This program has LOADS of workouts with new workouts introduced every week so you can find the style that works for you! 
Lifestyle hacks to help you save time, Blow your mind and make life EASIER
This is not just a diet or fad, this is a lifestyle! I'll walk you through my top lifestyle hacks to help you apply these techniques in every part of your life so you can go out for delicious meals, enjoy your food guilty free or just simply save time with meal prepping tricks!
Empowering Assignments to transform your mindset as well as your body
While your working hard on creating your dream body, you have access to empowering assignments that will help you challenge your mindset, change your perspective and feel amazing inside and out!
Accountability and support DAILY
You get personalised support (and accountability!) from your coach... Me! You have access to me on a daily basis where you can ask as many questions as you like AND we have live webinars every week to keep you on track.
Templates to help you plan for perfection
We all know that if we don't plan, we are preparing for failure so you'll have access to all of the templates you need to plan for perfection! Whether it's your annual goals or the books you want to read, you'll have everything you need to plan it here.
An Amazing support group of happy healthy homos
Last but certainly not least, you get access to a secret VIP group filled with Happy Healthy Homos all going on this journey with you! They'll be sharing their experiences, successes, difficulties and their own hacks that they discover on their journey and you get access to it ALL.
ONLY $970
or $97 Per Week
Not Sure If The Happy Healthy Homo Program Is Right For You? 
Try The Program RISK FREE!
From the time you order, you have two weeks to try it out. You'll have access to everything you need to get results including the online program, meal plans, workouts, amazing VIP group and weekly webinars! 
If you don't notice a difference, just let me know - you’ll get your money back!

Just send me completed food journals showing you followed the Happy Healthy Homo Program for a full 2 weeks and attended the weekly webinars. 

You owe it to yourself to try the Happy Healthy Homo Program risk free right now! You won’t pay ANYTHING if you don't get results.
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